What does SOLO mean to most people? It means doing things for self, by oneself, and for oneself. Though that may be the case literally, at SOLO International Consortium we do strive for each individual to become the best version of themselves. Albeit, it is important for each individual to Stand Out and Live Original. In these days of people being divided whether it be politics, race, religion, fashion, music, etc…these divisions are what is keeping people from being SOLO.

At SOLO International Consortium we are looking to remove those divisions through an educational outlet that relies on critical thinking and development of cognitive skills, not indoctrination. We are not looking to educate people, we are looking to get people to learn how to think again. The Consortium is not traditional, nor is our staff or our students. We strive to build upon the notion that learning should be a life long endeavor and it does not always have to occur in a classroom setting, with a curriculum, books written by political lobbyist, and teachers who are certified by standards that are outdated.

Over the next few months, SOLO International Consortium will start opening up new avenues of learning, whether it be educational, spiritual, cognitive, developmental or through life coaching, we value the improvement of people ranging from 1-100. Follow us and join us on a path that will allow you to become a person that STANDS OUT and LIVES ORIGINAL.

Contessa Petrini- Co-Founder
Benjamin Workman – Co-Founder